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21.12.2015 в 08:52

A competition among KazNU students for MEXT scholarship was announced

A competition among KazNU students for MEXT scholarship was announced

MEXT scholarship: A special program on Global Food Security Partnership Program at University of Tsukuba (PhD)

Objectives of Education

This program is aimed at enhancing common understanding among the program participating students and at bridging the food security topics with each thesis research subject. Students shall understand the mutual dependence of food security at the global basis. Deep comprehension is required during schooling over world food security and sustainability for achieving UN SDGs associated with the policy and implementation plan.

Schooling topics is further focused such on devastating effects of climate change, sustainability of water resources and land uses etc. to have knowledge and skills in coping with multi-tasks in food security issues. Also associated with agriculture aspects, further elaboration of understanding is expected such on mechanization of agriculture systems, post harvest technology, integrated pest management, crop breeding so on. Those topics shall be related to the research topics of each student within GFSP in order to allow participating students to furnish capacity to be a leader in solving the problems on food security. The degree is Ph.D. (Agriculture).

Full information: http://www.kaznu.kz/en/3/news/one/9351/

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