Анонимно,пожалуйста!!!! Моё второе эссе. Чую, что у меня проблемы с абзацами и не только, далеко не только с ними((( #eng_essay_p Many people watch soap operas because they find them enjoyable and realistic. ___ Nowadays we see that soap operas become more and more popular. There are many soap operas for people from different generations with various interests. Lots of teenagers and adults think that life of soap opera's characters has much in common with their own lives. In my point of view people should watch soap operas but they don't need to forget about real world and true works of art. Firstly soap opera was made for people that come home after a bad day and want to relax watching something easy to understand. Secondly soap opera is focused on entertaining and it is not high art. On the other hand, most people think that watching soap operas just waste our lifetime. My peers pay too much attention to serials and sometimes feel more comfortable with imagine heroes than with their friends and families. They are becoming TV-addicted, it is scary, because it seems like teenagers do not live in reality but live in a world full of detectives, rich heirs, singers and dancers who are fight with imaginary problems. I am convinced that we are free to choose what to watch and what to do with our spare time. But I want to discover my city, other countries not tv channels.
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