Привет, я хотел бы получить критику и,возможно, советы!

Привет, я хотел бы получить критику и,возможно, советы! Спасибо за потраченное время с: #eng_essay topic: Some people think that collecting things is a spare waste of time. It is common knowledge that a lot of people collect different things and find it extremely interesting , while others consider it is a spare waste of time. Who is right? In my essay I would like to look at it from different points of view. Pesonally, I am fond of collecting coins and I suppose that this hobby is worth doing it. Of course, I have some reasons to think so. Firstly, it can help you broaden you mind: you will know more about things in your collection or even find out something exiting about their origin. (?) Secondly, collecting is a good leisure time which can help you to take your mind off. Thirdly, it gives you a perfect opportunity to meet new friends with the some hobby. You will always find a topic for discussions and will know how to spend a good time together. However, some people think it is not worth your time and money, because there are a lot of more exiting and useful hobbies like sports, computer games or reading. Also, they suppose that it can be pretty expensive and can make a big hole in your budget. I cannot fully agree with it, bacause this past-time can be quite cheap. For example, you can collect buttons or match-boxes. To sum it up, I consider that collecting is a pretty interesting hobby and, of course, some people can disagree with me. It is a matter of taste!
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